Upcoming Features in Next Update

Set any button as a vJoy Button instead of key-press. - done

Create custom panels - done

Current Features Overview

Manual or Automatic connection.

Network systems designed to deliver highly responsive inputs.

Distribute saved profiles to any of your devices.

Connect multiple clients of varying platforms to a single server (iOS, Android, ChromeOS, Windows clients controlling the same server).

AFK Timeout Prevention.

Function as a Handheld Gamepad.

Analogue controls for throttles and virtual axis - Automatically Calibrate Virtual Joysticks.

Use any vJoy device number for GTc.

General game panels with customizable backgrounds.

Store and restore profiles from the server.

Star Citizen Specifics

Create your own custom Panel (v9.3x)

Star Citizen based UI.

Automatically retrieve and swap joystick bindings in Star Citizen.

Create Custom button configuration Profiles.

Change UI Palette to match your ship HUD.

Add custom overlays and underlays to match your gaming environment.

Panels for Flight, Ground Vehicles, Mining, Communications, FPS, Salvage, Cinematics and Turret. - More to come.

Analogue inputs using Virtual Joysticks for Throttles, Sliders and Virtual Thumb sticks.

Selection based Power Triangle for ship power distribution.

Automatically store and send chat messages or console commands.

Toggle push to talk button which maintains state across screens.

Auto-Ping to automatically ping scan at varying intervals.

5 common UI inputs accessible from every panel/screen.

Individually color buttons.

Toggle buttons across all connected devices.

Analogue Axis with savable presets.

Quick access comms panel for console and chat commands from any Panel.

Cinematics Panel for settings and recalling panning and camera presets